Dr. Emil Schemitsch

Aligned with a focus on research relevant to patient care, I am grateful to have been generously funded by the PSI Foundation throughout my career. These grants have been instrumental in allowing me to pursue diverse musculoskeletal research endeavors, both at the basic science and clinical levels. My first PSI Health Research Grant back in 1995 allowed for the evaluation of a clinically relevant method of bone blood flow assessment utilizing laser Doppler flowmetry, and lead to further investigations of cortical circulation and bone perfusion. More recent PSI-supported investigations of cell and tissue engineering strategies have led to the development of a successful genetic approach to stimulate fracture healing, as well as numerous publications on stem cell therapies in orthopaedics. This work continues in our basic musculoskeletal laboratory today, and a recent PSI Resident Research Grant awarded last year has allowed the application of this cell therapy to the augmentation of rotator cuff injuries as well. The PSI Foundation was instrumental in funding a pilot study examining fluid lavage in the treatment of open wounds (FLOW), and currently supports a multi-centre randomized controlled trial examining operative versus non-operative treatment of acute unstable chest wall injuries as well as an Ontario-based multi-centre prospective cohort study examining abuse and intimate partner violence surgical evaluation (PRAISE-2). As demonstrated by this diverse funding support, the Foundation remains true to their mission of improving the “health of Ontarians” through numerous health research funding opportunities, for which I am truly indebted.


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